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Digital experts
and business

At 5th floor, our digital experts are committed to guiding you with intelligence. In order to do so, we accompany you throughout all the phases of your digital projects. We offer you a personnalized support from initial strategy development to the final product.

This is what we do at 5th floor : we realise digital projects in public institutions and major organisations. These are based on continuous delivery.

What you will get from us

At 5th floorwith our strategic brainstorming and our technological expertise, each euro invested is transformed into operational software. Our experience, especially in such a complex sector as social security, guarantees an effective and qualitative development.

In concrete terms, this means fast production start-up of functional modules. No need to wait 1 year before clicking on the first tab of your application. Indeed, they are  evolving at the pace of customer returns, all the while guaranteeing reduced maintenance and the durability of you digital project

We admit that we have a passion for complex digital projects on which we work to achieve the best possible value creation, collaborating with you in successful little steps.

A matter of pride

To us you are not just a king.

You are a partner. That is why all 5th floor collaborators will work to the best of their abilities for you. Thus we enrich your strategic vision by translating that into relevant, stable and innovative technological solutions.

We think this is worth more than a kingdom. This is why our team would be proud to share results with you. In other words, successes that meet your expectations regarding your digital projects.

5th floor…takeoff successful

5th floor was born in 2017 out of the passion and operational experience of its 5 founders, each one bringing their own areas of complementary expertise.

Initially, we focused on demonstrating the relevance of Agility, the versatility of DevOps and the flexibility of an architecture by micro-servicesAs a result, more than 110 employees chose to join the 5th floor adventure to honour larger digital projects.

Today, our complementarity enables you to access all the most useful resources for the success of your digital projects.