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UI Angular Expert

Want to evolve as UI Angular Expert in a passionate and evolving environment ? 🚀

At 5th floor, you will join our team dedicated to IT projects with high value for society. You will be able to evolve and gain experience through continuous improvement such as trainings, workshops, tech meetings and conferences. You will find a company where collaboration is key, through agile methods. You will discover a company where you can take initiatives and propose new ideas regarding your work.

Nonetheless, we aim to have a positive impact on society as a company. You feel that IT is not doing enough concerning its environmental impact ? You have the impression that women in tech are under represented ? At 5th floor, you will be able to join our CSR working groups to make things happen while having fun doing so !

Within our team you will, as UI Angular Expert :

➡️ Find ways to help development teams get started with angular apps. 

➡️ Organize angular trainings.  

➡️ Perform on demand coaching and reviews. 

➡️ Establish guidelines, examples, … for bootstrapping angular dev. 

➡️ help define, develop and promote a design system for new web applications. 

➡️ Work together with designers to establish a style.

➡️ Develop a living component library based on actual business needs. 

➡️ manage technical debt by promoting and helping dev teams upgrade angular versions.  

➡️ participate in service design workshop to co-create solutions for our end users. 

➡️ promote a culture of human-centered thinking in the organization. 

➡️ identify and launch other activities that you deem necessary for delivery of effective and usable solutions. 

➡️ This UX/UI enabling team’s success is measured by the developer teams’ satisfaction and adoption of techniques. 

Who you are

✅ You know angular by heart and actively follow its evolution.  

✅ You have excellent coaching skills.  

✅ You can inspire your colleagues to see the beauty of modern web development. 

✅ You know how to set feasible and clear objectives for you and your team and can work towards them. 

✅ You are able to create a vision roadmap and work towards it with others.

✅ You have an empirical mindset: define small experiments, review impact, improve or change course.  

✅ You are determined and accept that small wins are the road to fundamental change. 

✅ Collaboration with the people around you is central to your daily work. 


✔️ Advanced knowledge of French and/or English (mixed language projects), Dutch is an asset.

✔️ 8 years of experience in development and 5 years in Angular.

✔️ Past experience in the Belgian public sector is an asset. 

What we offer

We offer an attractive salary commensurate with your skills and experience ðŸ’¸

And because salary is not everything, we also offer the following extra-legal benefits:

  • 2 to 3 days of teleworking per week (included in the expenses)
  • Continuing education
  • DKV hospital insurance
  • Group insurance
  • Meal vouchers
  • Telephone
  • Travel
  • Representation expenses

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