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We love the challenges of digitalizing the Belgian public sector. That’s why we’re proud to improve the practical lives of our citizens: we combine our technical expertise with a concrete social role.

Working with you, we innovate step by step… while respecting your DNA. We break down your most complex projects into easy and quick applicable modules.

We’re proud to be partners for our customers, like ONE and ONEM/RVA, who trust us with their digital transformation.

ONE & 5th floor : an Agile collaboration for a successful digital transformation

Prior to its partnership with 5th floor, ONE was facing a number of digital challenges. The digital transition, which had been underway for several years via an external service provider, was far from complete and was preventing the institution from carrying out its missions successfully.

5th floor proposed an approach based on Agile methodology: rather than continuing to develop the initial software, it was decided to launch a Proof Of Concept (POC) to demonstrate the viability of a more agile, shorter and perfectly identified solution.

My ONE, une réalisation 5th floor

Ce projet d’envergure, a destination des parents et futurs parents, présente, pour l’ONE, plusieurs objectifs : augmenter la visibilité sur l’aide aux familles que l’ONE propose et insuffler une transversalité à toutes les activités de l’ONE.

Le portail répond à ces besoins tout en offrant une expérience complète à l’utilisateur·rice. De plus, il a été développé selon une approche “user centric” et “mobile first”. 

ONEM/RVA: at the heart of Belgium, at the service of citizens

Digital transition has become an imperative for public sector organisations, including institutions such as Belgium’s National Employment Office. Before turning to 5th floor, the ONEM/RVA was facing a series of major challenges that were hampering its ability to operate effectively.

To solve these problems, 5th floor proposed an innovative approach: rather than focusing solely on the technological upgrade, the modernisation project was broken down into realistic chunks, with an assessment of the risks and opportunities for each sub-project. A successful gamble for ONEM/RVA!

ONEM/RVA & 5th floor: an innovative collaboration

Thanks to the 5th floor approach, ONEM/RVA was able to go into production in record time. This ensured consistency between demand and delivery, avoiding delays and excessive costs.

ONEM/RVA, in collaboration with 5th floor, was able to put in place a durable and agile IT infrastructure. The ability to rapidly deliver projects, measure their impact on users, and adjust accordingly was essential to the success of this digital transition.