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Our commitment

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Corporate Social Responsibility is in our DNA

As a result of its growth, 5th floor has made CSR a core part of its strategy, adding a human and collaborative dimension.

For us, it’s much more than a label or a legal obligation. It’s our DNA, a conviction, a conscious choice that we make every day. It’s what guides our strategic orientations and every decision we make. We have placed social responsibility at the heart of our priorities.

We believe that our core value – people – goes beyond the purely professional and internal aspects of our business, and we are committed to contributing to the well-being of society as a whole.

Our values into actions

Diversity & Inclusion

We organise training courses to raise awareness internally and we make it a point of honour to represent the diversity of 5th floor in all our communications (representation of the minorities that make up our workforce).

Our corporate culture is based on respect, collaboration and transparency. We firmly reject any harmful, manipulative or malicious behaviour. We believe that respecting and nurturing each individual is essential to the overall success of our business.

Environmental Impact

We support environmental initiatives, in particular by raising our employees’ awareness of sustainable mobility alternatives, offering them themed workshops (Mobility Workshop) or initiatives in which they can take part (Bike Project).

At our events, we also work with local suppliers who offer sustainable and short-distance services or products (catering, gifts for the staff).

Equal Opportunities

We guarantee equal treatment for all our employees and make every effort to provide a working environment in which everyone can grow and develop professionally.

We offer the same opportunities for internal mobility to everyone and we make it a point of honour to be transparent in our selection processes.

Our priorities

Work-life Balance

We guarantee our employees a balance between their private and professional lives : 92% of our floorians are satisfied with the work-life balance at 5th floor.

92% of our floorians are satisfied with the work-life balance at 5th floor.

Skills Development

We provide relevant training: customised courses, access to workshops and inspiring conferences. We stimulate the development of our employees by organising hackathons, pilot projects…

In addition, we stimulate the development of our employees by organising internal events such as hackathons, pilot projects…

Health & Safety

We emphasise the importance of our employees’ well-being. We offer them resources: documents, workshops on concentration at work, themed training courses… and we make sure we meet our legal obligations.

We offer them resources to improve their well-being (documents, workshops on concentration at work, themed training courses, etc.) and we make sure we meet our legal obligations and keep up to date.

Equal Opportunities

We want to promote a culture of inclusion within 5th floor. 

We raise awareness among our teams through training on ordinary sexism and an internal diagnosis at 5th floor. This gives us a detailed view of the positive points and also of our areas for improvement.

Our partners, an extension of our mission

For us, choosing a customer or a project is based not only on commercial criteria but also on the company’s values.

Each project reflects our commitment to CSR. Our community is made up of companies who, like us, aspire to a more sustainable and ethical future.

At the heart of communities

5th floor is actively involved in the communities where we operate, supporting local initiatives and social projects.

For us, sustainable change is also collaborative change, and this is deeply rooted in our values. And it is by supporting local initiatives and working with our partners that we can make a difference.

Constant innovation through agility

As the world evolves, so does our approach to CSR. Our teams are constantly looking for new methods, technologies and ideas to amplify our positive impact.

Agile is not just a technical term at 5th floor. We use it as part of our CSR approach, enabling us to innovate, adjust and constantly improve our impact.